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Joe Black
Julie Silver
Alisa Fineman
Leo Chelyapov
Lisa Levine
Flor de Serena
Rick Recht
Peter & Ellen Allard
Peri Smilow
Gerard Edery
Larry Karol
Cindy Paley
Robbi Sherwin
Beth Schafer

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Sounds Write Productions, a division of URJ Books and Music The finest in contemporary Jewish music...
In addition to all of our Sounds Write Record Label productions, our catalog showcases the work of over 200 artists who offer a wide variety of contemporary Jewish music from traditional to folk, rock, jazz, classical, new age, reggae and klezmer. We offer selections in English, Hebrew, Ladino, Yiddish, or any combination thereof, as well as instrumental variations. Recordings geared toward children, teens, or adults for holiday celebrations, life cycle events, women's issues, spiritual awareness, or for pure entertainment are available.
Chai Note Designs - a new tradition, a line of products bearing our Chai Note™ symbol. Whether music is your life or your life is enriched by music, we hope you enjoy your "Chai Note" and that it, in a small way, helps the pieces of the puzzle of your life fall into place. “To Music, To Life, L’Chaim”™
www.jewishlights.com - Providing resources--books and LifeLights (pastoral care pamphlets)--that help you understand who you are and who you might become as a Jewish person.
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JewishVideo.com - your first and only source for jewish videos and films. GREAT GIFT IDEA:Buy a membership in "Jewish Children’s Video of the Month Club"
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